Welcome to Zero Tek Nje,
The guide of your way from nothing to something.

Zero tek Nje (Zero to One) is a company focused on Business Consulting, Project Management, Software Development and Vocational Training. It’s a recently founded startup, located in Tirana, Albania, with the goal of helping businesses and young entrepreneurs in implementing new ideas, building new strategies for the market, acquiring investment, going digital, and developing new sets of skills needed for the labor market. 

With our shared experience in agriculture, tourism, digital media, lecturing, startup mentoring, business development, business analysis, project managements (ICT and non-ICT), we can guide businesses, startups, and young entrepreneurs, on their way from nothing to something. For us, this is more difficult to achieve than to go from 1 to 100, to expand something that's already there. And we want to be part of that story.